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First, what are your legal needs?

  This is something that  isn't even considered until you have some sort of legal issue. 

The public, generally, is unaware of what role legal professionals play in providing legal services.

This has been created in an effort to clarify this confusion and to assist you in finding solutions to your legal problem.

What are the roles of lawyers and paralegals in the courtroom?

  What does a lawyer do?  What does a  paralegal do? How do they differ?

They both are governed by the Law Society of Ontario . The Law Society’s intention and interest is to protect you, the public,  as well as caring out the administration of justice.

For more information.  lso.ca

Lawyers have extensive post secondary education and have to article, which basically means they work long hours for little or no pay. On top of that they are called to the bar. They must write an exam to receive the title of lawyer. It is a long arduous road.

Lawyers work in many areas of law including but not limited to criminal, family, personal injury and commercial. Please note this list is not exhaustive. 

Paralegals have recently been acknowledged as a profession and are regulated by the Law Society as well.  A college diploma is required.   The profession has just celebrated ten years of regulation.  They  can represent the individuals and corporations in various boards and tribunals including Provincial Offences court, such as traffic ticket court,  as well as regulatory offences such as infractions through the Board of Health.

Human Rights against an individual and the government is also part of the cope of practice that paralegals are authorized to represent. They can also represent parties at the Landlord and Tenant Board, Small Claims  civil court, (where the monetary relief is up to $25,000) as well as tribunals such as Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board  and the like.  These tribunals make up the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario (or SJTO) 

Hiring a paralegal is an alternative solution  to legal matters that aren't necessary to  require a lawyer.  There scope of practice is set out above and paralegals are just as effective at advocating for you on everyday legal occurrences. They are a cost effective solution to your regulatory problem. 

As of December 2017, paralegals have been acknowledged by the Law Society of Ontario as officers of the court .

http://www.lawsocietygazette.ca/paralegal-update/paralegals-officers-of-the-court/  As well, the Law Society of Ontario has recently been re-named. It  used to be called The Law Society of Upper Canada and was founded in 1797.

Paralegals’ roles in the administration of justice appears to constantly be evolving. For instance, it has been proposed that paralegals represent  in Family Law matters.  This will take  time to establish where paralegals can assist, however,  there is some discussion regarding this. It’s on its way!

Areas of Practice

Traffic Ticket Fighter: I will advocate on your behalf in any Provincial Offences court for most traffic ticket violations. Other matters that are heard in this court are Health Code violations for small businesses, residential fire code violations, even transit fraud. Charges under the Highway Traffic Act are under the scope of a paralegal. Sometimes the charge is Fail to Provide Insurance Card.     I will fight on your behalf to eliminate your fine and demerit points ***

Landlord and Tenant Board: As residential tenant, you have certain rights and obligations while renting. There are slightly different rules for being on personal property as well as renting from a property management company or corporation. There are different procedures for co-operatives as well. In all situations the landlord has certain obligations too. I have experience navigating through the process. I have experience with all aspects of representation at this tribunal. Human Rights as well as the Criminal Injury Compensation Board  ***

Small Claims:   Monetary relief of up to $25,000. This court is designed to be a less complex recovery process for small debts. The areas of matters are normally employment law, small business debt recovery and the like. For instance, you are a small business owner and a client will not pay their bill, or there are issues with contract obligations or even contract interpretations. I can assist  you  with experience drafting claims and advocating in this level of court for debt recovery. ***

Attending as agent for the profession:  I am available to speak on your behalf in areas of law for which a paralegal can act.  Please contact for representation availability.

***Please note: While these services are offered, there can not be a guarantee of the outcome. Unlike death and taxes, the outcome of your matter  cannot be guaranteed. Many factors are considered and each case is unique. Do not be fooled by any legal professional that claims they can “get you off” or guarantee the outcome  for you.  It is a misleading claim.